Bring Your Child to Work Day 2017

Bring Your Child to Work Day 2017

I spent the day at work with Atom and Marie in hopes of helping them decide on a STEM education and career. Although they have already seen most of the projects we went to, having dedicated time focused on talking about working in STEM is so worth it. It’s a time for them to get too see the many aspects of STEM that doesn’t focus on technical parts such as seeing the many different types of people that call themselves engineers, the various problems they’re trying to solve and the creativity that goes into solving engineering problems. 

I hope their exposure to this environment helped open the potential to deciding on a STEM major especially in physics, math, or chemistry!

It was a blast hanging out with my kids.

Bday #45 – Restful and Appreciated

Bday #45 – Restful and Appreciated

My 45th birthday was restful and sprinkled with special birthday moments throughout the day by Jackie, Atom, and Marie – thank you guys, you’re the best. 

My day started with a day off from work, a tradition of mine. I was surprisingly awakened with an early morning birthday song and gifts. I opened my new all black Nike Roche shoes and nice looking black shirt. After a short lived rounds of groggy birthday hugs we quickly had to jump into “get ready for school mode”.  

To make a long story short, the hours during the morning and late afternoon was a big blurr but i know I watched TV, read a book, and some social media surfing and eventually got ready. 

The family birthday festivities reconvened after Jackie and the kids got out of school. I decided on  Cheesecake Factory for my birthday dinner. We all ordered our favorite, steak Diane. Marie and I add shrimp scampi. After a satisfying dinner we went to the mall for a while and headed home. We stopped by Baskin Robbins for a final celebratory ice cream cake just in time for Modern Family and Blackish. Unfortunately Modern Family was not showing so we ended up watching the highly anticipated Genius series about Albert Einstein on the Histoty Channel. I was not expecting and disappointed on the racy scene at the beginning, not kid friendly. 

Anyhow, my birth day was restful, enjoyable, and appreciated. Thank you Jackie, Marie, and Atom for another awesome celebration!!

Atom’s exciting double

Atom’s exciting double

Atom had an awesome double hit with bases loaded despite losing 4-6 to La Habra at Esteli park. Atom started the game, played good defense with a pop up catch to right field, and ended with a clutch hit to center field (a few feet away from a grand slam) to get us closer to a win. However despite some good hitting, our MR Dodgers came up short. 

3.14 5K check✅

We signed up for a 5K not knowing if we could actually accomplish it.  We are excited to say we did it, together as a family! It started out to be an early day, Atom had a game in Fullerton @9am.  We we got there @8am, the field was still muddy from the previous night rain, game got cancelled!  So we decided that it was a perfect opportunity to go run.  We originally had planned to run on Sunday at Caltech, instead we ran at St. Marks. After our run, we celebrated at Souplantation.


Dodger Fanfest 2016

We are so excited Atom got assigned to the Dodgers this year Murphy Ranch.  We decided to celebrate this weekend @ Dodger Fest.   


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