3.14 5K check✅

We signed up for a 5K not knowing if we could actually accomplish it.  We are excited to say we did it, together as a family! It started out to be an early day, Atom had a game in Fullerton @9am.  We we got there @8am, the field was still muddy from the previous night rain, game got cancelled!  So we decided that it was a perfect opportunity to go run.  We originally had planned to run on Sunday at Caltech, instead we ran at St. Marks. After our run, we celebrated at Souplantation.


Dodger Fanfest 2016

We are so excited Atom got assigned to the Dodgers this year Murphy Ranch.  We decided to celebrate this weekend @ Dodger Fest.   


Loading our Xmas 2015 tree

Loading our Xmas 2015 tree

Finally found the time to shop for our Christmas 2015 tree! We stopped by at Home Depot in Whittier after a quick dinner at Carl’s Jr, a blah burger. This years tree is an 7-8 ft Douglas fir tree. It looks nice and full wrapped up and it’s really really heavy. Hopefully we aren’t disappointed when we unwrap it and set it up tomorrow. It was a family effort getting up on the roof of the Q7 and securing it. 

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