Finally Atom gets his clam chowder

Finally Atom gets his clam chowder

After a couple of missed opportunities of getting clam chowder during our trip, Atom finally got some clam chowder at Boudin on Pier 39. Atom and I ordered each some chowder on a sourdough bread. Mrs Angel and Gracie joined us during our lunch.

Heading to San Fran

Heading to San Francisco. We’re expected to arrive around 6pm just in time for dinner at Bubba Gumps.

Atom’s looking forward to Clam Chowder

Lunching in 1854 – Lotus



We ate some 1845 fixins ala Gold miners style. We had some chips with salsa for starters (not of the time period) and had some chicken pot pie flat bread style with some salad. Atom actually liked it. We also had a sunflower “peanut” butter with jam. It was tasty for not being peanut butter. We had lunch under an outside kitchen. After we finished eating they had us wash our own dishes. Some kids took over and had fun cleaning dishes.


Gold mining

Gold mining



Atom struck gold! Actually it’s more like a gold flake, which I think it’s invisible but they managed to capture it in this vial.

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