Atom’s Mission Project

Atom’s Mission Project

Atoms mission project is completed and turned in. He put in a good effort with awesome results. His mission is San Carlos Borromeo De Carmelo.






Marie’s Indian tribe project

Marie’s Indian tribe project

Marie’s Indian tribe project was on the Sioux tribe. She really put in a good effort and it came out very nice!

And yes, those are Lego people depicted as Indians. Marie personally designed the outfits herself and her creative imagination. She’s such a fashionista.





Atom in the Whittier Daily News

Atom in the Whittier Daily News

Atom’s picture made it to the Whittier Daily news during the Plymouth’s Get your Heart pumping event. Although his picture made it to the news article, they did not get his name correct. Instead the picture caption put Isaac Huerta, his friend. Anyhow, it’s still exciting to see his picture in the paper. We managed to purchase a copy of the Whittier paper for as a memento.

Here’s a link to the article whittierdaily_atom


Family blog back online!

Family blog back online!

We are back in business with our family blog after being hacked.

The hack took advantage of a vulnerability in an old version of WordPress that we were using but it could’ve been one of the outdated plugins that we used also.

Anyhow, lesson learned. Keep up to date with the latest version of WordPress and plugins. Being that security is one of my interest this really sucked.