BDay Celebrations

BDay Celebrations

After an awesome pre-day celebration, my real bday was a restful celebration at my request.

Jackie and I started the day early due to some insomnia. We ordered the Julia Roberts movie, August: Osage County movie around 3am. The movie choice was mainly due to lack of good choices. It turned out to be a good and entertaining movie. While the movie Jackie and i enjoyed a spectacular view of the moon slowly passing by with the sunshine glowing on one side.

Once the we awoke again with the kids, we had a good breakfast we headed out to get atom a new catchers helmet at Seargents. While at Whittier, Jackie and the kids surprised me with the awesome bowl they designed and made for me at Color Me Mine.

Once we got home, I took atom and Marie to Michigan park to practice some batting while Jackie stayed home. The kids and I spent most of the time waiting for some people to vacat the baseball field. In the meantime we played some kick ball. I really enjoyed kicking the ball with them. Thanks Atom and Marie!!!

In the evening, Jackie and the kids drove to baskin robins to buy me a bday cake. Once again I was sang a bday song.

Another wonderful day with my peeps. Thank you so much, Jackie, Marie, and Atom!!!!!!



Awesome Pre B-Day with my peeps

Awesome Pre B-Day with my peeps

I had a blast with my family, Jackie, Marie, and, Atom. They really made me feel like “the boss” for the day.

The day started with a great lunch a Wolfgang Pucks Bar and Grill at Nokia in downtown LA. The sirloin burger was tasty and satisfying. After a nice relaxing walk around the area we headed to The Last Bookstore in downtown LA. We were lucky to find parking near the area given that city parking is always hit and miss and not to mention scary, especially when kids are involved. The bookstore was not disappointing, I came out with two good used hardcover books, Entanglement and boundaries and Barriers – On the limits to scientific knowledge.

When headed to The Grove for some desert at the Cheesecake Factory. At the Cheesecake Factory I was sang the birthday song and was given my gift, a cool Fossil watch, black on black face and dials. Following tradition wherever we go, especially on a bday, we visited Barnes and Nobles, where found a new book which I have not encountered and bought.

We ended the day at the movies at the grove. We saw Captain America. We all enjoyed it. As we left the movie around 10:30pm, it started to drizzle but we made it to the car just on time. By the time we arrived around neighborhood the rain started coming down hard. We stopped by for a light night snack at Dell Taco before getting home. We all rested on the sofa and vegged and watched the TV together. Nothing beats spending time with people wanting the best for you and celebrating a special day. Can’t wait for next year!


Fun times at Boeing’s Bring Your Child to Work Day

Fun times at Boeing’s Bring Your Child to Work Day

After two years waiting Atom finally was able to got to work with Dad as part of the Boeing Bring Your Child to Work Day. I was happy too 🙂

I was able to invite Carly with the sponsorship of Nick. Thanks Nick!Carly, Atom, and I arrived at Boeing HB around 7:30am. We attended our two scheduled demos but mainly explored the open sessions. Atom and Carly participated in the egg drop where Atoms egg was ruled cracked despite only having minor cracklings. Carly’s egg survived.

They also participated in the aluminum foil boat activity where they had to create a boat of foil and place as many marbles as possible before it sank. Atom’s boat sank at 45 marbles whereas Carly’s count was at 104! (Way to go Carly).

Overall the event was a success, it kept both their interest and they had fun. We ended the day with a late lunch at TGIF in the mall.