Fun times at Boeing’s Bring Your Child to Work Day

After two years waiting Atom finally was able to got to work with Dad as part of the Boeing Bring Your Child to Work Day. I was happy too 🙂

I was able to invite Carly with the sponsorship of Nick. Thanks Nick!Carly, Atom, and I arrived at Boeing HB around 7:30am. We attended our two scheduled demos but mainly explored the open sessions. Atom and Carly participated in the egg drop where Atoms egg was ruled cracked despite only having minor cracklings. Carly’s egg survived.

They also participated in the aluminum foil boat activity where they had to create a boat of foil and place as many marbles as possible before it sank. Atom’s boat sank at 45 marbles whereas Carly’s count was at 104! (Way to go Carly).

Overall the event was a success, it kept both their interest and they had fun. We ended the day with a late lunch at TGIF in the mall.