Minecraft TeamCrafted event at Club Nokia

Marie, Atom, Richard (Atom’s friend), and myself attended the TeamCrafted event at Club Nokia. This Minecraft event was a Q-and-A event with the masters on Minecraft You-Tubers all of which Atom and Marie knew and recognized. The kids really enjoyed the meeting and seeing these guys offline. Atom and Richard gathered enough courage to get in line to ask a question. Unfortunately the Q-and-A time ran out and they didn’t get the chance to ask. They didn’t turn down the opportunity to wait almost two hours in line to meet and get their autographs and not having eaten any lunch. We arrived at Club Nokia at 11am and arrive in Whittier until 5:30pm.

Once we arrived in Whittier to pick up Jackie we had dinner at Chillie’s on Pico Rivera.

Minecraft meet n greet madness