Pre-Mother’s Day Celebration

In celebration of a wonderful mother and for all things she does to keep our family functioning and making life new and fun everyday we took Jackie to one of her favorite places, Cheesecake Factory. She enjoyed her Steak Diane and shared it with Atom and Marie, the self proclaimed “tasters” of the night. Adding to the dinner excitement was Marie’s accidental dropping of a full glass of water on the table. The incident did not damper the mood of the dinner, we were having too much fun and besides we were done with the food. We quickly asked for the check, informed the waiter of the mess, and exited the restaurant.

The evening was capped off with a movie at Edwards in Brea where we watched The Amazing Spider II. We left the theatre around 12:38 am, kids were still wide awake. We all crashed on the sofa watching Rocky IV where once again, Atom knocked out before the big fight in the movie. The girls knocked out way before that as usual.