Marie meets Ree Drummon, The Pioneer Woman

After 3 hours in line outside Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena on a cold chilly night, Marie met The Pioneer Woman at her book signing event. We got to Pasadena around 5:40pm where we saw the long long line of eager Ree fans waiting to meet and get their book signed. The long line wrapped around the block but that did not deter us from joining the craziness. We quickly parked and extended the line by four more people. Atom and I went into the bookstore to browse while Marie and Jackie waited in line. After about an hour, Atom and I rejoined the girls outside with three books, two were Ree’s new book for the signing and the third, a good Physics book (of course), The Philosopher & the Physicist. It didn’t take long before Jackie got the urge for a warm cup of joe. She and the kids ran across the street for a Starbucks run while I waited in line. After realizing that the wait was going to be longer than expected, we decided to take advantage of the wait time by having the kids study their spelling bees words. By 8pm and many words later, we found out it was going to take about one more hour, so we started talking about food. After few minutes of heated discussion we ended up with a few boxes of pizza and had dinner on foot. It was actually decent but more importantly it gave us some energy for the long wait ahead. By 9:20pm, we finally made it inside and were a few feet away from Ree! We were quickly directed to Ree, presented the two books and got the two books signed. Ree actually talked to Marie and posed for a few pictures. Overall it was a pleasant experience despite the long long wait. It was all worth it seeing Marie’s reaction and enjoyment of meeting Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman!