Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Relativity Theory

One hundred years ago on November 25, 1915, Albert Einstein published his famous paper on General Relativty. The four page was submitted to the Prussian Academy of Sciences and it included his field equations describing the relationship between matter and the geometry of space time. 

Anyhow, to celebrate this cool day, I decided to purchase the 100th year anniversary edition of Einstein’s Relativity book. I’ve been passing the book up the last few visits to Barnes and Vroman’s bookstores. 

We decided to go to the Barnes in Chino but it was just my luck, they didn’t have the book. After double and triple checking, I told Jackie the bad news and jokingly suggested that we have to go to another Barnes. Luckily her reaction was supportive and so I did a quick search on the Barnes website and found that the Barnes in Fullerton had the book in stock. We left Chino and headed to Fullerton. Long story short, I found the book.  During my book browsing I also found another interesting Einstein book titled, “Einstein A Hundred Years of Relativity”. The pictures closed the deal for me and I added the book to my book clutching hand. 

Much to my surprise my Einstein buying swag did not end at Barnes. I found the following magazine at Albertsons on our way home. How cool is that. 

This craziness (as some might interpret this) is just another opportunity to share some physics history with my kiddos and show them how some imagination and physics skillz can change the world!